The Facts to Consider if You Want to Have an Affair

One common relationship between opposite sexes is a boy-girl relationship. A lot of people, including young teenagers, are into this kind of relationship. There is a feeling which only this relationship can bring into couples. But it’s something not new to other people; it’s just an ordinary boy-girl relationship. How about a student-teacher relationship? It is still a boy-girl relationship but it is something not common to the society. It is a relationship which some people find hard to accept if you want to have an affair with your teach or your student.
A student under a new teacher from a certain subject does not give interest to this person.have an affairWell, he’s just the teacher of this subject. The teacher gives away his number to the class and this student saves it in her contacts; it is something the class can use in the future. The student sends the teacher a text message for some help and from that text message starts to open a bud. It is something unusual for both parties to happen since it is clearly not allowed in school to have a student-teacher relationship. But, what they are feeling is something unavoidable. The rule imposed by the school is forgotten because something is starting to spring between the two of them. Actually, in love, there is nothing wrong as long as both love each other, unless it becomes a married dating situation. Even in age gap, it won’t matter anymore.

Exchanging of text messages happens more often now, getting comfortable with each other. Seeing each other in class is something awkward for both since not all in class are aware of what’s happening between the two. Keeping it a secret from them will keep both parties from getting into trouble so staring at each other’s eyes will say their Hi’s for both.

From their blooming relationship, spending time with each other is something hard for both to do; they won’t like getting caught by someone they know when they’re together or else, trouble will come their way. Well, both have to find a way on how they’ll resolve their longing with each other. Maybe going to a place where people they know seldom go or just stay inside a car and converse with random topics.

He may be the teacher with wheels, who sends the student to a place where she’s planning to go or fetches her to send her home. Something a girl will really like somehow, leaving and reaching home safe. But in the end, everything has to be kept secret from the people surrounding them.

Why is it hard for the society to accept a student-teacher relationship? For the reason that this is something not commonly done by people who enter into a relationship or have an affair. And, people may think there will be bias when grading the student that he loves and it may distract both with school matters. But for both, what it is important for them is that they love each other and there is nothing that will break their relationship or hinder the love for each other. If the teacher really loves his student, he actually settles for a decision to resign from the school to keep their relationship growing and so that they can do couple things freely without violating any rules imposed.

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